Sunday, 14 July 2013


Scraps by Randy's Sin  Kit Called brooklyn and landon

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use will need a working knowledge of gimp or psp or other similar programmes.I am using gimp

I am Using The Absolutely Beautiful Kit Called Brooklyn and London - Tagger Size By Scraps by Randys Sin this kit is perfect if you want to create something special for a baby :)

You Can Find The Scrapkit Here

I Am Also going to be using a mask, gemsmask14 which you can get here

Right we ready now lets begin :)

*.Open up your new layer im working with a large canvas of 800 x 800 for this tag .

*.now open up paper 5 and scale to fit the canvas

*.add your layer mask to your paper layer .If Your Unsure how to add the mask here you  go open up your mask layer scale too 800x800
And make sure it is above the paper layer in your layers box
next right click the paper layer in the layer box and click add layer mask make sure full black transparency is selected in the pop up box make sure the little black box is highlighted white on your dialogue box .
now click on your mask layer in the layer box and go up to edit then click copy .you can hide the mask layer now by clicking the little eye.
next click on your paper layer go up to edit and hit paste you should now see your mask paper layer you will need to anchor  the floating layer you do this by hitting the little icon that looks like an anchor on your layer can now delete the original mask layer .

now on we go :)

*.next we are going to open up the stars element and scale down to about 300 by 250 and place in top left hand corner of canvas now duplicate layer and flip it and place on left hand side of canvas .

*. next we are going to duplicate that layer and rotate it for the bottom right hand corner and place there now duplicate that layer and flip it and place on the oppisite side .

*. now you should have the 4 corners with stars around the edges of your mask paper layer

*. next open up the bib and scale to around 550 x 610 and place in centre of tag .

*.next open baby 3 and scale down to 550 x610 and place in centre of bib and add a drop shadow of 2,2,2 black

*.Now we are going to use  bear 2 open and scale down to 200 x315 and place at bottom side of baby duplicate that layer and flip it then  place on oppisite side put drop shadows on both bears.

*.now we open up the bottle and scale it down 145 x250 place on the left hand side behind the teddy next to baby and repeat drop shadow .

*. next up binkie one and scale down to 160x260 and place behind teddy next to baby on right hand side and  repeat drop shadow .

*.now grab baby png 1. and place that at the bottom of your layers just above the paper mask layer scale it down to 600x200
place centre of babys feet at bottom of the tag and repeat drop shadow .

* Next we are going to use the blanket open it up scale it to 270 x600 place above bib in layers box place at the side of baby now duplicate that layer flip it and place on oppisite side put a drop shadow on both blankets .

*.next we are going to use the alphas to creat your name so open up the alphas scale them down to fit along the top of the tag place them how you want your name too look .

*. add credits to the bottom of your tag merge all layers .

and your done :)

Thankyou for using my tutorial i hope you enjoyed it .

heres a second tag i made using this beautiful kit

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