Thursday, 1 August 2013

Diva In Pink Ct Tag And Tut For Mrs.W At Mouse-clicks

 Ct Tag And Tut For Mrs.W At Mouse-clicks
I am Using the Pretty Scrapkit called Diva In Pink This is perfect for and pink projects you have in mind
this kit contains 48 elements 17 papers and 8 posers so everything you need to make your perfect creation .
I absolutely loved working with this kit and it deffinately makes yo feel like a girl .
You can purchase this kit at these stores
I am also using the awesome artwork of  © Keith Garvey
You will need a license to use his work .
And Im Als Using a Mask wsl 325 which you can get here

Basic Tutorial
This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use will need a working knowledge of gimp or psp or other similar programmes.
I Am Using Gimp which is a free programme you can download

* Go to file > new > 600 x600 > ok
* open up paper of your choice i am using paper stripes 1 png 
* Scale your paper to fit the canvas 
* Now open up your mask layer and scale to fit paper 
* Now add your mask 
* If Your Unsure how to add the mask here you  go open up your mask layer scale too 600x600
And make sure it is above the paper layer in your layers box
next right click the paper layer in the layer box and click add layer mask make sure full black transparency is
selected in the pop up box make sure the little black box is highlighted white on your dialogue box .
now click on your mask layer in the layer box and go up to edit then click copy .you can hide the mask layer now by clicking the little eye.
next click on your paper layer go up to edit and hit paste you should now see your mask paper layer you will need to anchor  the floating layer you do this by hitting the little icon that looks like an anchor on your layer can now delete the original mask layer .
* Next open up your tube of choice i am using a keith garvey tube which you can find at his store .
*click on raster 2 in layers and scale to 390 x 380 and place in middle of paper mask 
* set opacity to about 50 % 
*now you want to click on raster 3 and place to the eft side edge of tag scale to fit mask .
*now go to filters > light and shadow > dropshadow > 2,2,2, black >ok
*Now Open the phone element png and scale 230 x155.
Place on bottom right hand side of paper .
*Repeat drop shadow .
*Next open up the drink element place it behind phone and scale 200 x 400
*Repeat drop shadow 
* next open the fan png and scale and sit it next to the phone 
/*Repeat drop shadow 
* open the mp3 player element and scale so it sits under the fan but inline with the phone 
* repeat the drop shadow 
* next open the cupcake png and scale and place in front on phone 
* open the lipstick blusher and scale an place next to mp3 player 
* repeat a drop shadow on those 
Now we need to add the credits  and merge all layers 
Now add your chosen font and saying and your done 
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial i try and keep it as simple as possible if you use my tutorial please leave me some love .

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