Friday, 4 October 2013

CT Member for scrapjoykits

Ct Tag and Basic Tutorial For Scrapjoy kits I am using the awesome PTU scrapkit little red devil 
You Can Purchase this kit at any of these stores
I Am Also Using the Fantastic Tube By © Marek
This was my september free gift bonus 
Little Red Devil Tutorial 
Ok Lets Begin 
Open A New Transparent Canvas 800 x800
Copy and paste element 8 and resize to suit 
 Copy one of the papers 
Use Your Magic wand and click inside the frame 
Copy and paste into selection 
Now Open your tube And Copy  place on  canvas duplicate it 3 times and place selections in frames 
the way you like it.
Reduce the opacity on each raster layer to 65%
Hide original layer for now so you can work on the background with ease 
copy and paste element 28 resize to fit 
add a drop shadow and place
duplicate element and flip horizontal and place opposite
Copy and paste element 5 resize and place on tag
Add a drop shadow 
now place any extra elements on the tag 
and dont forget to unhide original tube and place
add credits 
Merge layers
add name and your done .

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