Friday, 18 October 2013

Ct Tag for Scrapjoy kits

               Ct Tag and Tutorial for scrapjoy kits  I am using the awesome PTU scrapkit Play If You Dare
You Can Purchase this kit at any of these stores
This is a wickedly fun kit to play with and perfect with its spooky but cute elements 
i know you are gonna love this kit.
I have also used the amazing tube by ©  misticheskaya
And I have also used mask 5 by Horseplays Pastures
Please go to her blog to download 
This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use will need a working knowledge of gimp or psp or other similar programmes.
             I Am Using Psp x5 but any version should be ok for this tutorial .ok so here we go .

Open up psp and create a new canvas i have used 800 x800 
Transparent .
Open paper 1 and copy and paste to canvas 
Now open your mask 
and copy and paste onto paper layer 
Open paper 6 and copy and paste on too canvas 
now open your mask and copy and paste onto paper layer 
Play around with them by moving them where your happy 
Now open up the tree element and place on canvas 
Duplicate the layer and flip the image 
place opposite side underneath the top mask
Now merge those layers 
Now get the long strip of  grass element and scale and place it on canvas 
Next we want to add a drop shadow to that 
now open the wheat element and duplicate place one on each side of the canvas 
and dont forget to flip the image 
now repeat your drop shadow on them 
now open element 27 resize copy and paste on to canvas apply serpia toning
duplicate the layer a few times and place on canvas 
where your happy i have placed either side of canvas 
Now open you tube of choice and copy and paste onto canvas place 
where your happy resize  and add a drop shadow 
Now open the peacock element and copy and paste onto canvas 
resize and add a drop shadow 
Now open up the parrot element copy and paste 
resize and add a drop shadow 
now open any elements you wish and finish of the tag 
to how you like it 
dont forget to add the credits 
and merge all layers 
then add your name and your done 
heres some snags ive made 

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