Wednesday, 17 July 2013

***Ct Tag and Tut for Render art world ***

***Ct Tag and Tut for Render art world ***
Ct Tag And Tut For © Render Erica Wilma Sensibility click here for  her blog

I Am Using This  Gorgeous ptu Poser Which You Can Get Here
she comes in 3 poses and is perfect for all those gothic themes .

I am also using the awesome ptu scrapkit oh dark one by devilishdezines
You Can get the scrapkit from here you will need a license to use there stuff

I Am ALSO using the gorgeous spider web mask which you can grab from her blog here

Basic Tutorial 

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for 

personal use will need a working knowledge of gimp or psp or other similar programmes.I am using gimp.

Open up a canvas 800 x 800 and id make it white for now .

Next select your mask and scale it to fit the canvas .

next open up your papers from the scrapkit and select your chosen paper that you would like to use for this paticular tag i have chosen paper 2. make sure your paper is below the mask layer in your layers box .

Now add your layer mask If Your Unsure how to add the mask here you  go open up your mask layer scale too 600x600
And make sure it is above the paper layer in your layers box
next right click the paper layer in the layer box and click add layer mask make sure full black transparency is selected in 

the pop up box make sure the little black box is highlighted white on your dialogue box .
now click on your mask layer in the layer box and go up to edit then click copy .you can hide the mask layer now by 

clicking the little eye.
next click on your paper layer go up to edit and hit paste you should now see your mask paper layer you will need to anchor 

 the floating layer you do this by hitting the little icon that looks like an anchor on your layer can now delete the original mask layer

ok so on we go .

open element 3 i didnt have to scale this as it was perfect size to go along the bottom of our tag see my tag .

Now add a drop shadow to it ,2,2,2 black 

next add element 32 again i didnt have to scale this just place it below the flowers and grass so they look like they are sitting in it . and repeat your drop shadow .

now open up element 14 and scale 440 340  and place on the right hand lower side of tag see my tag for where to place .

open up element 30 and place around top of tag  add a drop shadow .

Open up element 20 scale and place behind flowers and grass 220 w 700 h 

Repeat your drop shadow .

Open element 11 and scale and place on top of grass in between coffin and flowers so we are buliding our layers you want to scale it down 345x350 .

Repeat drop shadow .

now open up element 8 and place right at the bottom of your layers just below your paper layer mask and scale so it fits the mask it will highlight the mask perfectly :).

Now Open Up the poser and place on the right hand side of tag you may have to resize and make sure you place her behind the coffin see my tag for guidance.

Now Add your credits 

Merge all layers 

Add your name in your chosen font and your done dont forget to hide the white backgroun by clicking the little eye and then exprt as png .

Hope you have enjoyed what we have created .

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