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                       CT TAG AND TUT for Ditzy Dezigns http://2Bestiez2Scrapz.blogspot.com

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only.you will need a working knowledge of gimp or psp or other similar programmes.I am using gimp

I am Using The Absolutely Beautiful and cute ptu  kit called spring fun
which you can get here
this kit is so cute and the colours are so pretty your going to love this kit im sure .

I Am also using the ptu poser © ButterflyWebGraphics.com but you can use a poser of your choice if you would like to use the one i am using the please go to this site .http://www.butterflywebgraphics.com/

I am also using a mask you can choose one of your choice or you can grab the one i am using which is wsl mask 335 from here

Right now we can begin

open up a canvas 600 x600 . i have made it my canvas black for now so i can see it better we can change this later tho because we are going to be making the back ground transparent .

open up your scrapkit and open paper 7 and scale it to fit the canvas .

Next we need our mask so open up your layer mask and add layer mask.

If Your Unsure how to add the mask here you  go open up your mask layer scale too 600x600
And make sure it is above the paper layer in your layers box
next right click the paper layer in the layer box and click add layer mask make sure full black transparency is selected in the pop up box make sure the little black box is highlighted white on your dialogue box .
now click on your mask layer in the layer box and go up to edit then click copy .you can hide the mask layer now by clicking the little eye.
next click on your paper layer go up to edit and hit paste you should now see your mask paper layer you will need to anchor  the floating layer you do this by hitting the little icon that looks like an anchor on your layer box.you can now delete the original mask layer .

ok so we can move on .

Now Open up your poser and scale her down to about 320 x370 and place in middle of paper mask layer .

next open up the grass element scale and place at the bottom of the tag by fairys feet .

next open up the rainbow and cloud element scale and place behind posers head .

now we want to open up the tree element scale to about 85 w 435 h place on the left hand side of tag
And add a drop shadow of 2.2.2.black

now open up the sun element and scale to about 100 w 100 h and repeat drop shadow . place on right hand side of poser just above posers head .

Open up racoon 3 and place in the centre of grass you might need to scale him down a bit .290w 165 h and repeat drop shadow

open up racoon 5 and scale to 115w 225h place in front of tree repeat drop shadow

open up racoon 4 and scale to 115w 225h place opposite side repeat drop shadow

next we want to open up the word art spring and place at the bottom of tag scale until your happy with size .repeat drop shadow

now we need to open up the snail element scale to 95w 150h place snail as tho he is sat on the left hand side of word art duplicate layer flip the image and place opposite side and add a drop shadow on each of them .

Next we want to add some sparkles so open up the sparkles and duplicate layer and place around tag .make sure the sparkle are below your mask layer .

Now its time to add those important credits to the tag .

Next choose a font of your choice and add your chosen name  and your done ,

I Hope You Enjoyed my tutorial and what we have created .

Heres a second tag i created

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