Tuesday, 30 July 2013

ocean magic

Ct Tag And Tut for Berry applicious
Ct Tag and tut for http://lysiras-graphic-world.blogspot.com/
I Am Using the enchantingly beautiful scrapkit called Ocean Magic by http://lysiras-graphic-world.blogspot.com/
This is an amazing scrapkit whit lots of cute and fun elements the sky is the limit of what you can create with this awesome scrapkit .you can find the scrapkit here http://berryapplicious.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_206&products_id=4722

I am also using the tube by © Misticheskaya www.scrapsandthecity.com 

i am also using a mask by http://weescotslasscreations.blogspot.co.uk/

Basic Tutorial
This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tuts is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only.you will need a working knowledge of gimp or psp or other similar programmes.
I Am Using Gimp which is a free programme you can download

* Go to file > new > 600 x600 > ok

* Layer > Tranparency >color to alpha >ok

* open up the scrapkit and select a paper i am using paper 10

* scale your paper to fit canvas

* now open up your mask im using wsl mask 325 .which you can get at her blog the link is provided above.

* Add your mask to the paper layer .

* If Your Unsure how to add the mask here you  go open up your mask layer scale too 600x600
And make sure it is above the paper layer in your layers box
next right click the paper layer in the layer box and click add layer mask make sure full black transparency is selected in the pop up box make sure the little black box is highlighted white on your dialogue box .
now click on your mask layer in the layer box and go up to edit then click copy .you can hide the mask layer now by clicking the little eye.
next click on your paper layer go up to edit and hit paste you should now see your mask paper layer you will need to anchor  the floating layer you do this by hitting the little icon that looks like an anchor on your layer box.you can now delete the original mask layer .

*Now open up bead splat 3 and place centre of paper mask.

* set the opacity to about 60%

* now open up the seaplant element and scale 150x230 and duplicate layer now place on the right hand lower side.

* add a drop shadow >> filters> light and shadow > dropshadow > 2 2 2 black

* repeat on 2nd sea plant

* next open up the sand 2  element and scale and place at bottom of tag duplicate layer and  overlay them .

* next open up clam 1 element and scale and place in front of sea plants .

* repeat drop shadow .

* now open up your tube of choice and scale and place on sand 500 x 260 was the size i chose .

* repeat drop shadow .

* open up the stones and shells elements scale and place under clam .

* grab coral 1 now and scale and place behind the tubes head .

* repeat drop shadow .

* open the kelp element and scale to fit behind on the right hand side of coral behind tube

* duplicate layer and flip the image and place opposite on left hand side.

* now repeat drop shadows on both .

* now open the jelly fish png and scale and place where the kelp meets at the middle .

* now repeat drop shadow .

* now open up the fish png and scale and place by the coral and add a drop shadow .

* now open up the dolphin element and scale and place above the sea plants element and repeat your drop shadow .

Now we can merge those layers and add the credits

choose your font and put your sig and there you have it .

i hope you enjoyed my tutorial .

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